About Jennifer Chaney

workshops & mentoring

I believe

...that anyone can learn how to take beautiful pictures. (Once they learn to open their hearts.)

...in spreading knowledge and not holding back. (Learn from one another.)

...moms are the historians of the family. (I want to enable them to hold onto as much as possible.)

...in the power of the entrepreneur (especially of the mom variety).

On a professional note:

Jennifer Chaney is an award-winning San Francisco based family photographer and blogger. She is continuously on the hunt for the magic that is hidden within the chaos of family life.

You may have seen her photography on Good Morning America, People.com, or in the Wall Street Journal. Her photo tips are geared toward moms and have been featured in Parade magazine, USA Today, Washington Post, The LA Times, WSJ, and more.

She is currently crafting her first book about motherhood... a task that she admits is taking far longer than she ever imagined. Kind of like getting your kids out the door and into the car (seriously... why does that take soooo long?)!